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The newsletter just went out. There is a LOT of important detailed information so if you normally skim - please make sure to carefully read this one. We're one month out from tech week! Two weeks from our first Super Saturday. This is the time when everything is both exciting as it all comes together and a bit daunting as deadlines approach! But, with many hands comes light work and our community is a large one! Please sign up for as much time as you can for Super Saturdays - we need all-hands-on-deck to get the sets built in just 2 Saturdays. We promise the community of creativity with all the kids learning alongside you will be fun and worthwhile those two days.


Hi all!  The newsletter went out last night!  The 2 newest call sheets are posted at the rehearsal schedules link to the left.  Thanks!


The newsletter was sent out late Friday night.  Today we just sent out a correction to the schedules for the tech crew after being alerted to a typo on the original schedules.  Please make sure you've seen both emails.  The most recent updates are on the rehearsal schedule link to the left here on the PTA website.  We hope everyone is enjoying their 3-day weekend!


The newsletter was just sent out.  Please check both this week and next week's schedules.  Thanks everyone!


Reminder that today's rehearsal ends at 5:30 due to a big school event this evening.  Thanks!!



We sent out an updated newsletter with information about ad sales, the program cover art contest and program "shout-out" ads from parents to cast/crew.  The ad sales and shout-out flyers are also posted here to the left.  There was a second email that went out with a small correction to the program cover-art contest flyer regarding the dimensions - so make sure you've seen the most recent version.  Thanks!


The newsletter was just sent out.  Please take note that this current week's schedule has had significant changes due to some unexpected challenges presented to us this week.  To make the most productive use of time we needed to rearrange quite a bit.  If this presents any major difficulties please don't hesitate to reach out to us by email and we will try to be as flexible as possible. 

Also - please look for an additional email tomorrow with information regarding Shout-Outs! 



The newsletter this week will come out on Saturday.  Our PTA has some important forms that are being updated which we need to include in this week's newsletter so we should have everything out by tomorrow evening.  Thanks!


The newsletter for this week has been sent!  Students - check out the fun poll included in the newsletter and vote for your favorite quote from the show!  New calls sheets have been added - this upcoming week's call sheet was changed for tech crew and Belle only.  Please check out those adjustments.  Feb 2 call sheet is now published as well.  Thank you for a great week of hard work and fun!


The updated rehearsal schedules have been posted and this week's newsletter just went out.  Please check emails (and spam folders if you don't see it).  Thanks!  Enjoy the rest of the long weekend!


Hi Wolfpack Parents! It's been a Whirlwind and Wonderful first full week of rehearsals! We just wanted to let everyone know we need another day to plan our next rehearsal schedule and get all the information consolidated for our next newsletter so our goal will be to send that out on Friday evening (no later than Saturday mid-day) this week. We'd like to meet with some of our tech crew tomorrow (as scheduled) and consult with our parent crew mentors before finalizing that schedule for publication. Have an absolutely wonderful long weekend! Jealous of those of you heading to warmer climates!! (but happy for you too!) Thanks!!


Hi everyone!  An email went out late last night with additional information for this week's rehearsals.  Please check your emails for that (spam boxes if you don't see it). 

The biggest piece of information was that our costume team parent volunteers will be taking measurements on Tuesday and Wednesday during our full-cast rehearsals.

Also - if your child needs to miss rehearsal for any reason we must get notification from a parent (not from the child) so that we know that you know whether your child is with us or not.  Thank you for your cooperation with this.  

We're looking forward to a great week of rehearsals!  Thank you everyone!


Rehearsal #1 went spectacularly! We're so glad the weather finally cooperated!

The weekly newsletter went out late last night.  Please check your email for that (and if you don't see it please contact us at director@trailsidemiddleschoolpta.org).  Week 3 calendar is included as well as a specific list of which students are called for today's tech crew meeting (it's leads for props/costumes/set/scenic/hair and makeup only).  There were changes this week to the week 2 calendar due to our snow cancellations on T/W so please make sure you've printed the newest version (it is also posted here at the link to the left).

Some scripts were handed out yesterday at rehearsal - others will be given out on T/W next week.  All cast will get a copy of the script.  Cast fees are now past due - please see the newsletter for information regarding payment (or financial assistance if necessary). 

Today is our parent volunteer meeting for Set/Scenic, Props, Costumes, Hair and Make-up Crews!  We'll see whoever can make it at 4:00 p.m. in the auditorium  Thanks!!


There will be no rehearsal today.

Rehearsals will resume tomorrow and this week (Thurs/Fri) will remain as previously published.  We'll send out a new rehearsal schedule for next week by this evening.  Enjoy one more day of rest!  We can't wait to get started!!


Snowday... We hope everyone had a wonderful extra day of rest! 

The remaining rehearsals this week will remain the SAME as previously published.  Candlesticks cast, we'll see you on Wednesday for work on the Opener "Belle."

Clocks cast, we'll be moving your rehearsal to next week - likely Tuesday.  However, we've decided to wait until LCPS announces tomorrow before sending out a revised schedule for next week.  Once we know that tomorrow is a for-sure school day then we'll send out revisions to next week's schedule so please be on the lookout for that tomorrow.

We can't wait to get started!!


Today we sent out an email to all families asking for much-needed volunteers.  Please check your inboxes for that Sign-up Genius.  We also added the rehearsal calendars to a link on the left here on the website.


Newsletter #4 has been sent out with the first two weeks of rehearsal schedule.  Please check your emails.  A lot of important information to start the year off strong!


Part II of Newsletter 3 was just sent out.  Check your email for it. 

We'll send out week 2 schedule next Thursday.


The Tech Crew Assignments went out via newsletter late last night!  Check the parent email associated with your account (check spam folders if you don't see it there).  Please make sure to read the text in the newsletter because we are still looking for more roles including 2 leadership positions and for students who might be interested in doing 2 crews (run crew kids who would like to do another creative crew as well!).  We also need students who love doing hair to join our HAIR/WIG crew!  These can be existing students who are on another creative team or new students who have not yet signed up.  They should be good at braids and competent using a curling iron.

Finally - please make sure to submit your payment by January 7 - our first day of rehearsal.  Visit the school store tab above to pay online or put your check in a sealed envelope marked for the PTA musical committee and leave it in the main office.  Thanks!



You MUST RSVP to attend (please RSVP by 2 p.m.)

Check your email for links and further details!  Email was just sent to all parent accounts provided during registration.



This week's newsletter has been sent!  Please check the parent email address you used at registration and check spam folders if you don't see it.

We need Movie Night RSVP's today so we can plan for popcorn and drinks.

Thanks everyone!!

Tech Crew assignments will be out Sunday evening.



Good Morning Wolfpack Productions! Our tech crew interviews are afterschool today! Note - these are for students only. (We will meet with parents after the holidays as we mentioned in the newsletter last week. Students should have signed up through sign up genius and may leave after their interview slot is complete.) Students that need to stay after until their slot may do so. We will have a parent volunteer to help supervise (Thank you Anne Jackson). Finally - please help us spread the word about the newsletter and the movie night! We had about 70% of newsletters opened so that means 30% of people we sent it to haven't seen it yet (and only a handful have RSVP'd - go here to RSVP). We'd hate for anyone to miss the fun! So - if you can, mention it to a friend, ask your child to mention it to a friend... Eventually everyone will know what to look for (we'll send newsletters every Thursday from now on out except during the holiday break)... but until people know to look for it please help us spread the word. Thank you everyone for your support!


UPDATE #2 for Today!

  • Newsletter #1 has been sent!  Check your inboxes (parents).
  • Please make sure to complete the sign up genius for Tech Crew Interviews if you're interested in Tech Crew
  • Please make sure to RSVP to the Movie Night (Cast and Crew only please).  Link to the Sign-up genius is in the newsletter.
  • Email us if you did not receive tonight's newsletter.  We had 2 bounce back.  Thanks!



  • Look for our first newsletter later today!  It's full of great information!  If you don't see it by Monday morning please contact us to make sure we've got your email address on the list.
  • Check the links to the left - tech crew information is all posted.  This is the same information sent out in last week's email.  We can't wait to meet our talented tech crew this week!
  • Wednesday, Dec. 11 - TECH CREW INTERVIEWS!  See the tech crew page to the left for the link to sign up for your spot.
  • Friday, Dec. 13 MOVIE NIGHT!!  More information in the newsletter going out later today!  We hope to see you there!


Check your emails today if you've registered as tech crew!  Ms. Emilie sent an email with information about the Dec. 11 tech crew interviews including an application and sign-up genius link.  If you don't see that email please email us a director@trailsidemiddleschoolpta.org to get on our list... a couple of the emails did bounce back to us. We will update the audition page tomorrow afternoon with links to that information as well.


Next Friday, Dec. 13 we'll have a team-building event - a "Beauty and the Beast" Movie Night!

Tomorrow (Saturday, Dec. 7) we will send out our first newsletter by email with more information about these two events and more!  So check your email Saturday evening for the latest and greatest!! 


The Cast List has been emailed!  Please check your emails.  If you did not receive it please email Ms. Emilie at director@trailsidemiddleschoolpta.org. 

We are so proud of each and every student who brought their talent, creativity, preparation and enthusiasm to this entire process.  We can't wait to work with all of you to create a magical production for our Trailside Wolfpack Community. 

Please don't forget to email confirming you received the cast list. 

We hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving!!



Just a quick update - we will not be having additional call backs on Friday 11/22.  We are so proud of each and every young actor that auditioned for this show.  It's going to be a great year!  Look for the cast list next week on Tuesday 11/26 in the evening.



Good Morning Wolfpack families! We're looking forward to another afternoon of cast auditions today, but we also wanted to look forward a bit to December for those that students that are interested in tech crew.

December 11 was confirmed by the school and will be our first crew meeting of the year. We'll have more specific information on the details of this meeting after we get through auditions but please make sure it's on your calendars if your child is interested in crew.  This is when we will be talking to the students about each committee and interviewing students to find out which crews they are most interested in.  We'll also be interviewing students interested in leading a crew.

IMPORTANT - PARENT EMAILS: Also - a reminder that if your child has been auditioning this past week and you have not been receiving emails with the callback lists please make sure to email us at director@trailsidemiddleschoolpta.org to be added.  We are emailing the parent emails provided when you registered your child via the google form (on the audition checklist page linked to the left).  If you aren't receiving the emails then it was likely not provided in that registration form.

That's it for today!  Your young actors are amazing!!  We're so impressed by their preparation, work ethic and wonderful support of each other at auditions this past week!  As always - don't hesitate to email us if you have any questions.  Thanks!!



Today is our first of 2 audition workshops!!

Join us to work with the directors on monologue tips, music and choreography to prepare for the auditions!  Workshops are held today, 11/6 3:30 - 6:00 and Friday 11/8 3:30 - 6:00.  We will cover the same information in both sessions so there is not a need to attend both.  Come dressed to dance (no flip flops or fancy shoes, wear clothes you can move in).  Bring a snack and a water bottle. 

Also - for anyone that hasn't found it - here's the link again to the mti audition materials page where you can find suggestions for song cuts for each character:





Thank you to everyone who came out to the Parent Information Meeting tonight!  We hope we were able to answer some of your questions and we're super grateful for all the volunteer sign-ups!  After we have had a couple days to sort through the sign-up sheets we will put out a sign-up genius for volunteer needs where we have holes and shortly after auditions we will reach out to each crew to schedule preliminary meetings to get started. 


Here is the agenda from tonight's meeting for anyone that missed.

Here are the slides from tonight's powerpoint for anyone that missed the meeting.


As I mentioned tonight, the choreography audition videos have been updated - Video 4 was the wrong version of the video (and stopped part way through the recording)... the correct and full version of the Step-by-step part 2 video is now in the folder so everyone should revisit that link and check to make sure you have the correct videos.  The fourth video should be about 8 minutes long.




The link for the choreo audition videos is posted!  It is linked over on the Audition Information page to the left.  Important note!  Everyone should learn the first half of the combination (up through the pivot turns).  If you are interested in being considered for the advanced dance ensemble then please perform the whole combination (through the ending poses) at the auditions the week of November 11.   We will teach these dances in person at the audition workshops in 2 weeks so please plan to attend at least one workshop if you need extra help!



  • We have updated our handbook one more time - this time adding a new contact email for families needing to request financial assistance and adding a new Instagram account.
  • To follow us on Instagram look for:  @wolfpackproductions_tms    You should see the Beauty and the Beast Logo as the first thing in the new account!
  • We're working on the video for the dance choreography audition video and will have that up tonight or no later than Saturday evening.  So keep an eye out for that!
  • Don't Forget to mark next Tuesday's Parent Information Meeting on your calendars!  We look forward to meeting everyone Tuesday!



We had a fantastic student information meeting today!!  The entire front three sections of the auditorium were filled with interested cast and crew!  We didn't have time to get through every question they had so please start by checking out the Audition & Crew Information page at the link to the left.  Then if you still have additional questions please don't hesitate to contact the direction team!  We're here to help and hope to make the audition process as easy as possible.  As questions arise we will start a "Frequently-Asked-Questions" page here on the website so check there to see if your question has already been answered.



Don't Miss our Parent Information Meeting next Tuesday!  We are asking that at least one adult from each family attend this important meeting. 


Parent Information Meeting

Tuesday, October 29

TMS Auditorium: 7:00 - 8:00 p.m.


Also be sure to see the "Important Dates" page!


Contact our Directors at: director@trailsidemiddleschoolpta.org