HELP NEEDED at All Seussical Jr Shows

We need fun Seussical food donations as well as help at events this week and next.  Please help us plan work flow. Please see this sign-up for how to help.

Seussical Jr Show Tickets Available

Tickets are available for purchase in advance at the discount price of $7.00 plus a convenience fee through Eventbrite.  Please follow the link to the Musical>Show Tickets tab here

Board Members NEEDED 2018-2019 School Year!

Interested persons will need to provide a bio to the nominating committee by April 16th. Please contact the Nominating Committee with any questions.

The Trailside PTA is looking for candidates to serve as PTA Officers. Serving as an officer is a great way to get to know what is going on at your child’s school. Officer positions and their general duties are as follows:

President – Preside at all meetings and coordinate the work of the officers and committees.

Vice President (2 positions) – Act as aid to the president and perform duties of president when the president is not available.

Treasurer – Have custody of all the funds, prepare budget, keep account of receipts and expenditures, make disbursements, present monthly statement of accounts at meetings, prepare annual financial report, arrange for yearly account audit and other financial duties.

Secretary – Record the minutes for all of the meetings, keep official copy of the by-laws, and maintain membership files.

Anyone interested in serving as a PTA Officer or serving on the Nominating Committee (to recruit and encourage Officer candidates) please contact Shannon Lauterstein at or Laurie Guzman at For information on Officer positions, please contact any PTA Officer!

STAFF APPRECIATION WEEK (Apr 30 - ay 4) - Donate Gift Cards!

We are looking for help with the plans for Staff Appreciation Week.

Please consider donating $5-$20 gift cards for Staff Appreciation Week. We hope to collect more than 100 cards to give as gifts to our wonderful teachers, administrators and staff at TMS. Cards desired include: Amazon, VISA, iTunes, Starbucks, Target, Chipotle, CAVA, Subway, Anitas, Good Fortune, or other local restaurants or easily redeemable cards.